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Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation

P.O. Box 24, Sutter Creek, CA  95685  209-560-6880

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Email: info@sccbf.org

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The Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation is going to transform one of Sutter Creek’s parking lots into an amazing historical display of Gold Mining history. Artifacts from the Argonaut Mine and the Sutter Gold Mine have been donated to show visitors and residents the rich Sutter Creek Gold Mining history. Along with the mining artifacts, the new passive park will have informative plaques for the artifacts, picnic benches, trees, and “Chinese” rock walls lining the park, which are historic for the area.

This amazing new addition to Sutter Creek will be made possible through the generosity of donations from people who wish to see Sutter Creek’s history maintained.

To contribute to this wonderful cause, please click the Donate link below.

All Donations Are Tax Deductible


Press Release: New Park and Gold Mining Display in Sutter Creek

By: Lisa Klosowski - Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation

SCCBF Chairman: Frank Cunha 209-560-6888

What's happening at the South end of town in Sutter Creek? Lots of people and heavy machinery have been milling around a dilapidated old parking lot. (Read full press release)

SCCBF engravedbricks.com

The Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation invites you to participate in Sutter Creek's new Miners' Bend Historic Gold Mining Park.

SCCBF is creating a commemorative brick pathway at Miners' Bend Park.By purchasing a brick, you and your family will not only provide financial support for the foundation, but will cement your place in Amador County's gold mining history.

Miners' Bend Commemorative Brick Walk

Buying a brick is the perfect way to commemorate loved ones,honor a special occasion, or find that special gift. By purchasing a personalized brick you are helping the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation preserve our cultural heritage in Amador County.

Brick Walk Page Miners' Bend Park Photo Diary