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Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation

P.O. Box 24, Sutter Creek, CA  95685  209-560-6880

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Rick McCombs

Rick and his wife Carolyn were first drawn to Sutter Creek by the small town feel and rich history.  After purchasing a house on the creek near the historic Knight’s Foundry, they began a 4 year home renovation project. By the time it was completed, they were hooked.  “We met wonderful people here who not only became dear friends, but who also had a passion for pride in the community”. Rick wanted to find something that he could get his hands into that would make a difference, and found an organization and a community that gave him the opportunity to do just that.

Prior to moving to Sutter Creek, Rick was in private practice as a Psychotherapist and a Business Quality Consultant. He is a long time member of the Rotary Club and active member of Japanese American Citizens League Heritage Project. In addition to being a member of the Community Benefit Foundation, he is a Native Son and has been involved in the efforts to preserve the Knight’s Foundry.

“I’ve always had a fondness for the “Gold Country” of California and remember as a youngster being impacted by the sight of the rock walls built by the early Chinese.” There is something very special about this area that seems to retain in it the character of all those that came before. Helping to preserve that history is a special honor.