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Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation

P.O. Box 24, Sutter Creek, CA  95685  209-560-6880

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Helen Bierce

Helen Bierce first came to Sutter Creek in the early 1970s after reading about the town in the San Francisco Chronicle. She spent ten years living just up the street from the Knight Foundry where she watched them create the molds and, on Fridays, pour the molten iron.

Her love of Sutter Creek never faded, and although she returned to the Bay Area in 1982, she never gave up her dream to return. After being gone for 25 years, she returned to find the town almost unchanged, a reality she would like to preserve.

“That was a stroke of luck that I don’t think will continue unless concerned citizens take a pro-active role in preserving Sutter Creek’s history and beauty,” Bierce says. “One of the best aspects of the Foundation is that we can combine small contributions to create funds to begin accomplishing our goals.”

It’s not surprising that Bierce wants the Foundation to restore the Knight Foundry as a working museum for children and adults alike. “The foundry is powered by the unique Knight wheel, something that should be preserved for posterity,” Bierce notes. “My vision is to see the foundry producing again.”